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Health and Safety Committee

Mission Statement

Cayucos Elementary School’s Safety Vision is to provide a working environment free from harm and promotes a positive culture to continuously improve the health, safety and well-being of our employees. 

Safety is the responsibility of every employee, and everyone participates in activities to ensure a safe work environment at Cayucos Elementary. Our goal is to have zero work related injuries and illnesses.

safe safety committee walk to build teamwork
Committee Members
2022-23 Safety Committee Members

Ismael Mora, Safety Committee Chair

Liz Villalobos, Principal

Mary Youngs, Safety Committee Secretary

Sarah Johnson, Member

Martin Buller, Member

Natalie Interian, Member

Eric Schofield, Member

Jen Gaviola, Member


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Injured at Work?

  1) Notify your supervisor 

2) Call  Nurse injury hotline and speak to the    

24/7 Nurse. 


Non-immediate Medical Emergency-Call the phone number 

Serious Medical Emergency-do not wait, call 911