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Meet your counselor: Ms. Walker
Introduction of Ms. Walker

Counseling and Supports

Cayucos Elementary School is proud to offer a full continuum of counseling support for our TK-8th grade students. Our counselor, Tara Walker, and mental health therapist, Anja Johnson work with our parents, teachers, and administrative staff to support all students in a kind and respectful manner.

We focus on strengthening our school community by teaching empathy, kindness, social-emotional learning, and celebrating our differences.

We focus on self-care and healthy strategies to increase staff and student wellness.

We are committed to ALL students being college and career ready when entering high school and having a sense of career interest.

Individual and small group-specific counseling for crisis or ongoing needs. Referrals will be by request of the parent, student, or teacher. (Parent permission will be needed for ongoing counseling)

Key Areas of Second Step Curriculum
Unit overviews for Second step